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Key features of Platebank

Multiple angles from all locations

Unlike traditional stock footage libraries, at Platebank all locations are shot from a minimum of three angles. This enables you to shoot an entire scene with reverse shots just using background plates.


Full control in post production

Most professional filmmakers prefer to have a full control of the footage in post production. At Platebank most footage is available as ungraded which makes it easier to grade your shot and background plate together.


Detailed technical metadata

Platebank offers technical data of the plate which enables you to shoot your shot with exactly the same technical setup. Technical information includes: camera body, lens, aperture, shot height & angle plus light direction.

High resolution preview versions

All footage at Platebank is available to download as ungraded high resolution comps. This enables you to color grade, test, preview and approve your scene before you commit to making a purchase.

Simple pricing

Platebank pricing is based on footage quality and quantity of angles you decide to purchase. You can freely choose which angles you purchase –  only one angle, two angles or the whole scene with additional footage or angles, it's up to you.

Even more simple licensing

We don't have messy calculators or rules. All footage is available to license with a worldwide license for a single project. Most footage is available for commercial use. Some footage might have restrictions to be used only in editorial projects.

How Platebank started?

Platebank started like many other ideas: a combination of luck, coincidence and need.

I had dinner with a good friend. He is a musician, and he had composed hundreds of songs that never saw the light of day and were just bits and pieces in his drawers. There was a similar story with all of his musician friends. He had the idea of building a music library for the gaming industry, thus creating some extra income for the community that he was working with.

I thought this was a great idea. Specifically I liked the idea of creating some extra income for the people that I worked with. So I started thinking if I could do the same.

At the same time I was making a commercial that needed a lot of locations, but had a very limited budget. I was desperately going through clips from all the stock footage libraries. The problem that I was constantly facing was that all the backgrounds were from just one angle, so I could not use them for building the whole scene. Then it hit me. This is it. There is a need for a background plate bank, that has at least three angles from each location so a whole scene could be built from it. I decided then that this would be my contribution to my filmmaker community.
— Osmo Walden, Founder & Award winning advertising film director