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Privately owned

How Platebank started?

Platebank started like many other ideas: a combination of luck, coincidence and need.

I had dinner with a good friend. He is a musician, and he had composed hundreds of songs that never saw the light of day and were just bits and pieces in his drawers. There was a similar story with all of his musician friends. He had the idea of building a music library for the gaming industry, thus creating some extra income for the community that he was working with.

I thought this was a great idea. Specifically I liked the idea of creating some extra income for the people that I worked with. So I started thinking if I could do the same.

At the same time I was making a commercial that needed a lot of locations, but had a very limited budget. I was desperately going through clips from all the stock footage libraries. The problem that I was constantly facing was that all the backgrounds were from just one angle, so I could not use them for building the whole scene. Then it hit me. This is it. There is a need for a background plate bank, that has at least three angles from each location so a whole scene could be built from it. I decided then that this would be my contribution to my filmmaker community.
— Osmo Walden, Founder & Award winning advertising film director