Why should I start to shoot plates for Platebank?

Earn a minimum of 40% from net sales

Platebank offers the best provision in the stock footage industry. Youget a minimum of 40% from net sales. And remember, that same background plate may be sold multiple times to be used in different projects. It's an easy way for film crew members and location scouts to earn extra income while working.

Your location is exotic to someone else

Platebank is all about background plates. It really doesn't matter where you live. You can shoot background plates almost everywhere and whenever you want. Make the best of your location – even if your location may not feel exotic to you, it can be very exotic for someone else.

No elaborate equipment needed

Shooting background plates doesn't take much time and you can do it everywhere you go. You just need the proper equipment (camera body, high-quality lens and tripod), a little perceptiveness to envision a scene where your background plates could be used. Just leave the foreground empty and remove all the props which can be added in the chromakey studio.

Shoot multiple plates at the same location

Remember that you can easily shoot multiple sets of plates at the same location. Just change your composition, use a different crop, shoot at different times of the day in different weather conditions at different times of the year. You can easily shoot over 10 different sets of plates at the very same location.

Super-easy upload process

As we only sell ungraded footage, you don't have to spend hours doing post processing or color grading. You just edit the plates into separate files, drag and drop the files to our contributor app, punch in the metadata and that's it.

Make every trip a work trip

Sounds ridicilous but it's not. If you have signed up as contributor with Platebank every trip can be a work trip. Wherever you go, you can shoot plates – and write off your travel costs as a work trip for shooting plates.

How much money can I make with Platebank?

This is difficult to answer as we can't make any promises about the possible sales. The key to success will be mostly based on quantity and quality of your background plates. Your provision is 40% of the net selling price. Please review the following table to see how much money you get through the sales of your footage.

Canon DSLRs
Nikon DSLRs
Panasonic DSLRs
Sony DSLRs
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:
$50 / extra plate

Your provision:
$20 / extra plate
Aja Cion
BlackMagic (all)
Canon EOS-1D C / C100 / C300 / C500
Sony PMW-F3/F5 / PXW-FS7 / NEX-FS100/FS700
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:
$100 / extra plate

Your provision:
$40 / extra plate
Arri Alexa / Alexa Mini / Amira
Panasonic Varicam 35
Red Epic / Weapon
Sony F65 / PMW-F55
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:

Your provision:
Our pricing:
$150 / extra plate

Your provision:
$60 / extra plate

List pricing may be lower during discount promotion or if licensee has a discount code.
In these cases provisions may be lower than descriped above.

How to build a large library?

It takes time and work to build up a large plate collection. The key to success is to shoot plates consistently whenever you have spare time. At good location you can easily shoot 10 scenes with 3-6 plates in 3-4 hours or even faster. Also remember that you can shoot multiple scenes at the same location, just change composition or shoot plates at different time of the day or in different weather conditions.

100 scenes / year Use a single day in a month to shoot plates
500 scenes / year Use a single day in a week to shoot plates

How to shoot background plates?

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